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Yue Jianming

Founder & Chairman

Jiangsu Sanleng Smart City & IoT System Co. Ltd.


Dr Yue Jianming is the Founder and Chairman of Jiangsu Sanleng Smart City & IoT System Co. Ltd.  An engineer and economist by profession, Dr Yue is a member of the Nanjing Political Consultative Conference.  Under his leadership, Sanleng group of companies, with projects in India, Philippines and Sri Lanka for example, focuses on Smart Cities, IoT, security emergency planning, environmental protection, renewable energy, cross-border trade, financial investments and international M&A.


Dr Yue also holds several positions such as a member of YPO, the Vice-President of Jiangsu Intelligent, Fire Protection and Electricity Association, Vice-Director of China Smart City Industry Alliance as well as a Vice-President of China Zhongguancun Private Equity & Venture Capital Association. Vice chairman of Chinese entrepreneur association.


In academia, Dr Yue is also a Distinguished Lecturer in the National Mayor Institute, guest Professor at New York Science & Technology University, Distinguished Lecturer of Beijing University entrepreneur camp, Chinese Young Entrepreneur Foundation and Mentor President of Jiangsu Youth Alumni Association of Beijing University.


Dr Yue also achieved many honours, including being recognised as Suzhou's Top 10 Outstanding Expertise Talents and Nanjing's Top 10 personalities in new economy.


Dr Yue has a Masters from Tsinghua University, EMBA from Beijing University's Guanghua School of management, and a PhD from Beijing Jiaotong University. He joined OPM of Harvard business school in 2017.

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