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Sofia Koswara

Founder & CEO, Noorcoin


Sofia Koswara is a businesswoman and a philanthropist. She is a passionate advocate of women, youth and children with also the heart for the poor, disabled and sick. She seeks to empower women, families and children living in poverty. An active initiator, she launches initiatives and social events such as the “World’s Largest Interfaith Mass Wedding” that promotes citizens’ rights and unity in diversity.  Currently, she is the Chairwoman of World Peace Movement, a movement set up to promote the importance of peace and tolerance.


She internalizes the values of family first, kindness, golden rules and optimism in her every endeavor, with the strong belief that the values will prevail against all odds. When she was the CEO of B Channel TV, a nationwide television network in Indonesia which she is the founder, she carried a mission to provide inspiring, educating and entertaining programs for families.


Sofia & her husband, Adi Pranoto are founders of Adikencana Group; they own gold & coal mining companies, properties, manufacturing, pharmaceutical & technology development companies. She is actively involved in social enterprises: in the furniture and handicraft industry which employs up to 5,500 active artisans from villages in Indonesia & currently exports to 25 countries worldwide.


Her latest project is Noorcoin, the first Sharia-compliant token in the world. Noorcoin is designed to create ease, trust, and security of Hajj and Umrah travelers from all around the world to transact easily. The purpose of Noorcoin is to assist the unbanked and unite the Muslim population in the world to connect people and create equality through transparency with the application of blockchain technology by the Stellar network.


Sofia is also active in education field and serves as a board member of Patmos Foundation, a foundation which gives awards to 5,000 students every year. Patmos Foundation also contributes to more than 40 universities and hundreds of elementary schools throughout Indonesia. Sofia is a world-class speaker who delivered compelling speeches in International events such as APEC Summit in Yokohama, Japan.


Sofia Koswara graduated cum laude (with honors) from St. Louis University with Bachelor Science of Marketing and Master of Business Administration. She is a lifelong learner who is always ahead in every cause and industry she’s in. Among her recent accomplishments is obtaining a Blockchain Certificate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in September 2018.  


Sofia is living happily with her husband, Adi Pranoto with whom she married in 1993 and their three lovely children.

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