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Howie Ross Valino

Presidential Investment Adviser,

Office of the President


Howie has an illustrious career with a wealth of diverse experience in the area of finance: private/boutique banking, asset management, trading (including commodities trading), insurance as well as business consultancy and entrepreneurship.  As an industry developer, a globally well-connected network facilitator and dealmaker, he helped create new markets with new businesses and job development for each country that participates in his portfolio. Given the depth of his experience, he is an asset for building international relations. At the same time, he is also a visionary, problem solver and social entrepreneur who is a well-travelled adventurer.

Currently, Howie holds multiple portfolios as the partner and shareholder of Crown Wealth Asia Investment Limited, a hedge fund manager at Greymore & Partners B.V, President of Ignis Business Development & Outsourcing Corporation, Chairman of Ignis Group Limited which provide financial services and Forex brokerage in Asia, owner of Systra Asset Management company and Golden Carval Limited, a Hong Kong-based trading company.

He is also a JCI Haarlemmermeer member, Past President of 2016-2017 at Rotary Club Pasay Silangan and involved with Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong. Presently, he is active with Young ASEAN Entrepreneurs Council, ASEAN Council, China Young Entrepreneur Association and Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

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