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Edwin Agong

Chairman, Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia


Edwin Agong was a native born in Borneo lsland Sarawak based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Having earned his Master of Art & Bachelor of Art as well as some legal training to his career, he is currently pursuing his PHD in Economic research study from University Malaya as he is active in several economic, social and cultural initiative at both at national and international level. He is also a Board Member cum Chairman for lnvestment and Land Development of the Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) under the Ministry of Primary lndustries Malaysia.


His political experience includes serving in few senior government portfolio under the Prime Minister's Department as Press Secretary to a Cabinet Minister's in charge of lntegrity, Anti-corruption and Public Complain Agency and Human Rights and as the Ambassador for Peace and Harmony under the Ministry of National Unity and lntegration in the Prime Minister Department.


He is also active in the commercial sector, serving as the President of the lndigenous Chamber of Commerce and lndustries of Malaysia, President for the Global Economic Transformation Malaysia (GETM) and Co-Chairman of the Economic Transformation for lndigenous People of Sabah and Sarawak. Having the honour and privilege to head some of the inter-governmental economic body, he was accorded several national and international recognition and awards. Currently, he is representing Malaysia at G to G level regionally in ASEAN and its partner through Economic, Social and Cultural integrations.

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