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The inaugural Asia - Commonwealth Business Summit will be the first held in Singapore, one of the key business hubs at the heart of Asia and a member of the Commonwealth, which makes it uniquely positioned to bridge both entities. Organised by Kairos Asia Outreach and supported by the City of London, the Commonwealth, London Institute of Banking and Financ, Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Principals Academy, the summit aims to provide insights on conducting business in Asia and looks at how Asia and the Commonwealth achieve common prosperity in this increasingly borderless world.


The Summit Speakers are true leaders and captains of industry; bold visionaries, innovators and entrepreneurs with a passion for cultivating people and cultures. They‘re legendary for their uncanny ability to turn things around, demonstrating unwavering leadership in times of turmoil and possessing remarkable insight that always seems to place them light years ahead of the curve. Our C-Suite Leaders have been in the trenches and have the stories and scars to prove it, whether forging their own start-ups or taking the reins of an organisation in peril. With names like Peter Hyland, Yvonne Chia, Bilahari Kausikan, Chandran Nair and Ashish D. Pal these C-Leaders are also at the forefront of defining corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, mentoring, inspirational servant leadership and even sustainable business practices.

Together at the Top

Unlike many business conferences, the purpose of Asia-Commonwealth Business Summit is to bring together like-minded C-Suite Leaders across the Commonwealth countries to champion character-building and emphasise the importance of having “trust” and C.I.V.I.C consciousness.  This was first highlighted by Lord Mayor of London at the Commonwealth Business Forum in 2018.

What it means to be C.I.V.I.C conscious:


  • Competence and skills: in short, business must do what they do well

  • Integrity: business must do the right thing

  • Value to Society: business must have a wider purpose

  • Interests of Others: business must focus on the customer and other s-holders

  • Clear Communication: business must communicate clearly & transparently

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